Levelling Screeds

Each product carries a very brief description, with the Data Sheet giving detailed technical specification and guides on the use of the product and its application.

If you have questions on any product or need clarification on the uses or application, please call us on (01) 457 0868 or drop us an email: enquiries@klbresins.com

KLB PU 410 – ‘Comfort Floor (resin)’ – Ultra Violet Resistant is a high-quality, self-flow coating based on liquid, 2-component polyurethane resin. PU 410 is used to produce flexible floor coatings primarily in interior locations and with sound-absorbing and decorative properties. It is used in areas in which good wear properties, comfort and pleasant appearance are required, such as in exhibition areas, offices and showrooms, hospitals, etc. Unlike the usual, industrial polyurethane coatings, PU 410 is made from light-fast raw materials and can be produced in light, decorative colours as the finished coating has excellent colour stability.

Download Datasheet KLB PU410

 KLB PU 420 ‘Comfort Floor (resin)’ is a self-flow, solvent-free, 2-component polyurethane coating for smooth, hard-resilient coatings and for slip-resistant scatter-coatings.

The material has good flow and smoothing properties and sets well with almost no shrinkage.

Download Datasheet KLB PU420

KLB EP 200 VF is a solvent-free, pigmented, self-flow coating based on 2-component epoxy resin with excellent flow and smoothing properties. Due to its good flow performance, coatings can be applied from 1.5 mm up to any desired thickness according to demand and with due regard to wear factors.

Download Datasheet KLB EP200VF

KLB EP 213 is a self-levelling, solvent-free, 2-component, epoxy-resin coating for a hard and smooth surface finish as well as mixed or scatter-coat finishes, ideally for use in industrial locations. The material has excellent flow, smoothing and setting properties EP 213 can be mixed with quartz sand, which is both beneficial and economical for thickness above 3 mm. EP 213, for a standard coating product, has excellent resistance to chemicals.

Download Datasheet KLB EP213

KLB EP 260 [Terrazzo (mini)] is a solvent-free, ready to use and self-levelling, 2-component epoxy resin free-flow material for producing smooth coating finishes. Due to the special additives, the coating has a decorative surface si­milar to granite.

The hardened coating is suitable for use in commercial and industrial locations in which special demands are placed on decorative appearance. Available in four standard shades.

Download Datasheet KLB EP260

KLB EP 280 WHG is a solvent-free, electrically conductive and crack-covering, 2-component epoxy resin free-flow coating with excellent chemical resistance.

The coating is suitable for use in collection bays and areas, such as in production / handling areas and storage / packing areas that must be equipped with approved coating systems.

The conductive property ensures protection against explosion whereby the product is especially suitable for production areas in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries, in laboratories, and also in other manufacturing with high exposure to chemicals.

The product will withstand forklift-truck traffic. It also has good resistance to chemicals and is resistant to solvents, motor fuels, oils, mineral acids, alkalis and salts.

Download Datasheet KLB EP280 WHG

Colours: 12 standard RAL colours