KLB Resins Ltd is an associated company of Messrs KLB Kötztal of Ichenhausen in Germany. Messrs KLB manufacture standard resins for floor, walls and bund systems. They specialize in the production of special finishes, such as “Comfort Floor (resin)” and “Terrazzo (mini)” for pharmaceutical plants. They also produce resins for W.H.G. certified systems.

The staff at Concrete Protection and Repair Systems Ltd here in Ireland have received special training in the application of KLB Resins. Thus they are qualified to give single source responsibility for projects. Their warranty covers both application and product.

Concrete Protection and Repair Systems Ltd have been applying resins for over twenty years throughout Ireland. The in-depth knowledge of KLB products combined with extensive experience across a wide range of industries offers a unique reference and advisory resource to those who wish to specify or to use product.