Mini Terrazzo

KLB EP 260 [Terrazzo (mini)] is a solvent-free, ready to use and self-levelling, 2-component epoxy resin free-flow material for producing smooth coating finishes. Due to the special additives, the coating has a decorative surface siĀ­milar to granite.

This high quality decorative finish renders it ideal for supermarkets and for foyers and corridors in industrial buildings.

The hardened coating is suitable for use in commercial and industrial locations in which decorative appearance is important. The system is also ideal for areas of heavy use such as packing areas and it is ideal for use where fork lifts are in operation.

Because of the make up of the system, the high quality finishes are achieved without the traditional grinding.

Available in four standard shades and cured sample are available on request.

Download Datasheet KLB EP260